New : Bring your own cup and receive 20p off the price of your coffee.

Not just another sandwich shop…

Croque Monsieur brings a fresh new sandwich and coffee option to the streets of York. We offer a super range of sandwiches, hot ciabatta’s and amazing soups as well as delicious cakes and treats. Our trained baristas have a real passion for coffee delivering all the high street favourites with our strong but smooth house blend of beans.

We’re all about the ingredients and in our shops you’ll always find something you fancy – all freshly made by us! Drop in and see for yourself: with our bright, clean, stylish interior and friendly, enthusiastic staff we’re certainly not just another sandwich shop.

Whether you’re popping in to pick up a take-out, grabbing a coffee with a friend or ordering a business lunch for 30 people, your food will have received the same attention to detail and will be bursting with quality fresh ingredients.

We pride ourselves on our food, so from Atlantic prawns with rocket or home baked roast beef to good old mature cheddar cheese and pickle, everything has been carefully sourced and lovingly prepared. Our soups are all made locally in Ripon by Yorkshire Provender and no matter what the weather we always start the day with at least three amazing flavours on the hob.

So if you’re tired of the same-old-same-old when it comes to sandwiches and coffee, take a fresh look at Croque Monsieur…